3:25 – 5:25 – Post Conference Workshop: The ABCs of Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

There’s an enormous amount of interest and curiosity among investors as it pertains to digital assets. In this 2-hour workshop, our panel of experts will walk you through the most commonly asked questions as well as answer your questions.

What is blockchain?
What is cryptocurrency and how is it valued and traded?
How many cryptocurrencies are there?
What is a fork? How does it impact my investments?
What is a smart contract?
Which platform should you use to trade on? Pros & cons?
Where should you store your crypto?
What’s a digital wallet and should you use it?
What’s an ICO? Which ones are legitimate and where does the investor fit in?
What’s the difference between a security and a utility token? Is a utility token too risky?

Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO
RIA Channel

Lex Sokolin, Partner, Global Director – Fintech Strategy
Autonomous Research

Chris Smith, Founder & CEO
phix Solutions Group