3:25 – 5:25 – Workshop: The ABCs of Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

There’s an enormous amount of interest and curiosity among investors as it pertains to digital assets. In this 2-hour workshop, our panel of experts will walk you through the most commonly asked questions as well as answer your questions.

• What is blockchain?
• What is cryptocurrency and how is it valued and traded?
• How many cryptocurrencies are there?
• What is a fork? How does it impact my investments?
• What is a smart contract?
• Which platform should you use to trade on? Pros & cons?
• Where should you store your crypto?
• What’s a digital wallet and should you use it?\
• What’s an ICO? Which ones are legitimate and where does the investor fit in?
• What’s the difference between a security and a utility token? Is a utility token too risky?

Lastly, we will do a live trading demo (with real money) so investors can better understand how an exchange is structured and how to execute trades particularly as the order execution front end/GUI is far different looking than your traditional platform.

Session Leader:
Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO
RIA Channel

Gabriel Allie, Managing Partner
Ivireum Global LLC

Ifeanyi Jemie, SVP
Jahani & Associates

Lex Sokolin, Partner, Global Director – Fintech Strategy
Autonomous Research

Greg Xethalis, Senior Counsel
Chapman and Cutler LLP


2:35 – 3:25 – ETF Overweights and Underweights; Today’s Best Tactical ETF Strategies

Every investment portfolio needs core positions for stability and satellite, or tactical positions for flexibility. This panel will discuss which tactical strategies appear best-positioned to take advantage of current marketplace trends.

Deborah Fuhr, Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Carl Choy, Principal
CKW Financial Group

Luke King, Managing Director
Main Management

Mansi Singhal, Co-Founder



1:45 – 2:35 – Factor Due Diligence; Which ETF Strategy For Today’s Market Environment

Factors are attributes that help explain the risk/reward characteristics—and price movement—of a security. Researchers have found literally thousands of factors; fortunately, most asset managers focus on only a half-dozen or so when constructing factor-based products. Education is key for advisors to understand how factor-based investing can benefit clients, and this panel will discuss how to access factors via ETFs.

Chris Robbins, Senior Editor
Financial Advisor Magazine

Sam Huszczo, CFA®, CFP®, Owner
SGH Wealth Management

Jay Pelosky, CIO & Co-Founder
TPW Investment Management

Edward Rosenberg, Senior Vice President, Head of ETFs
American Century Investments



12:35 – 1:45 – KEYNOTE LUNCHEON PRESENTATION – The Digitization of Wealth Management and the Rise of AI

Roboadvice has matured as a theme, and is transforming hybrid advisor models and catalyzing new micro-investing services. Lex will explore the implications from this digitization of wealth and investment management sectors, and what it tell us about the future. Further, he will touch on how the rise of artificial intelligence is challenging the client/advisor relationships, as well as the job of product manufacturer in our industry.

Lex Sokolin, Partner, Global Director – Fintech Strategy
Autonomous Research



11:45 – 12:35 – Commodities: Is the Bottom In the Rear-View Mirror?

Commodities are a notorious boom-and-bust story that went big-time bust during the financial crisis. Since then, commodity producers have trimmed supply at a time when the global growth story has resumed, creating a favorable supply-and-demand picture for many commodities. Listen as panelists discuss whether we’re on the cusp of a new commodity bull market.

Jeff Schlegel, Editor
ETF Advisor magazine

John Davi, Founder | CIO
Astoria Portfolio Advisors

Yann Furic, Portfolio Manager, Asset Allocation & Alternative Strategies
Professionals’ Financial

Will Rhind, Founder & CEO



10:55 – 11:45 – ESG: Where the Opportunities Lie In This Burgeoning Space

There are as many definitions of ESG as there are investment vehicles claiming to provide “ESG” exposures. What exactly is ESG investing? How is it different from “mission driven” investing? Panelists in this session will describe why this space matters to investors and where they can find opportunities to both do good for their portfolios and for the planet.

Perth Tolle, Founder
Life + Liberty Indexes

Rolf Agather, Managing Director, North America Research
FTSE Russell

Linda Zhang, CEO
Purview Investments



9:35 – 10:25 – Customizing Your Fixed Income Portfolio In A World On “Fed Alert”

With the Federal Reserve pursuing a gradual – but continuous – path of interest rate hikes, our panelists will discuss which ETF strategies offer investors capital preservation – and perhaps some alpha too – when most traditional bond investments decline in value. European and Japanese monetary policy will also be discussed, along with recent volatility in the Chinese Yuan.

Chris Robbins, Senior Editor
Financial Advisor Magazine

Doug Blanton, Director of Investments
Merit Financial Advisors

Richard Koerner, Senior Vice President, Sector | ETF Investments Sales Manager
Fidelity Institutional Asset Management



8:45 – 9:35 – Active ETFs: Finding the Outperformers

Actively managed ETFs remain a small but growing slice of the overall ETF pie, but that slice will continue to grow as new players—such as large mutual fund shops and other asset managers with active strategies—enter the ETF space. Find out who some of the main players are in the active space, and when active strategies make sense versus passive products.

Ben Blaisdell, Managing Director, Investment Oversight Executive
Bank of America

Janet Flanders Johnston, CFA, Portfolio Manager
TrimTabs Asset Management

Jay Hatfield, Co-Founder, CEO and Portfolio Manager
Infrastructure Capital Advisors

Dodd Kittsley, Director
Davis Advisors