2018 Tentative Agenda

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September 26, 2018

7:15 am - 8:00 am
Registration And Breakfast With Exhibitors

8:00 am - 8:10 am
Opening Remarks And Welcome
David Smith & Evan Simonoff
Financial Advisor Magazine

8:10 am - 9:00 am
Opening General Session

Retirement Today And Tomorrow: A Fireside Chat
Roger Ibbotson, a leading academic, pension consultant and hedge fund manager, will discuss how the retirement world is evolving in a wide-ranging interview.
Roger Ibbotson, Zebra Capital Management
Evan Simonoff, Financial Advisor Magazine

9:05 am - 9:55 am
• Session A
When To Retire—Or Not

Increasingly, clients are finding they are financially independent with relatively robust portfolios and believe they can retire. But have they thought through all the emotional, financial and lifestyle consequences. In this session, several experienced advisors will walk advisors through the conversations they need to have with clients to ensure the decision to retire is not a mistake.
Robert Laura, SYNERGOS Financial Group

• Session B
How Reverse Mortgages Are Changing
Today, reverse mortgages are far more flexible and client-friendly than they once were. This session examines the ways in which they have changed, when they are appropriate for clients can take advantage.

9:55 am - 10:40 am
Morning Coffee In Exhibit Hall

10:40 am - 11:30 am
• Session A
Challenging Conventional Wisdom About Retirement Accumulation
In this session, a nationally recognized tax attorney and wealth advisor will dive into unique issues explaining how the world could change and conventional retirement accumulation strategies could leave clients overly reliant on 401(k) assets and other tax-advantaged strategies.
Rebecca Walser, Walser Wealth

• Session B
Next Generation Annuities
Shifting political winds in Washington has hurt annuity but many retirees still are going to need guaranteed income. In response, several insurers have devised a new class of products designed to meet the needs of tomorrow’s clients. This session will evaluate which structures work best for specific clients.

11:35 am - 12:25 pm
• Session A
Multi-Dimensional Retirement Planning Software
Technology is empowering the sophistication of conversations among advisors, 401(k) participants and other retirement savers. Data transparency is enabling advisors to pinpoint areas of specific importance to clients. Several software experts will explain how advisors can capitalize on these new tools.
John Michel, Circle Black

• Session B
Working With Widows In Retirement
When one spouse dies, the other’s life changes irrevocably. Advisors who once worked with a couple must learn how to communicate, set expectations and help the surviving spouse make decisions in ways the client never foresaw. This session covers processes and tools advisors can use to help them rebuild their lives.
Susan Bradley, Sudden Money Institute

12:25 pm - 1:40 pm
Keynote Address 

Maddy Dychtwald, Age Wave

1:40 pm - 2:20 pm
Dessert Break In Exhibit Hall

2:20 pm - 3:10 pm
• Session A
Helping The Mass Affluent Prepare For Retirement
Two advisors who have built a multi-billion RIA firm with thousands of clients will explain how they get ready to help clients prepare for retirement and stay on track after they are retired. Withdrawal strategies for both clients with and without pensions and defining a fulfilling retirement will be among the topics discussed.
Scott Hanson, Hanson McClain
Pat McClain Hanson McClain

• Session B
What’s An Appropriate Withdrawal Rate
Increased longevity, lower interest rates and inflation have prompted many advisors and academics to question whether past assumptions about portfolio withdrawal rates for retirees are still valid. This session will explore those assumptions and discuss the merits of other alternatives.

3:15 pm - 4:05 pm
• Session A
How Clients Can Prevent Failure In Retirement
Despite meticulous planning, a number of factors can derail what should have been the golden years clients spent decades working for. Dependent adult children, divorces late in life and second homes can all throw a retirement spending plan off course. In this session, a nationally recognized advisor and expert on the subject will outline potential pitfalls.
Greg Sullivan, Sullivan, Bruyette, Speros & Blayney

• Session B
Which Mutual Funds Should Be Used For Different Stages Of Retirement
With some clients facing a 30- or 40-year retirement, the needs for growth and income present themselves at distinct stages for different clients. While some may need income badly, others are in the comfortable position of investing for the next generation. Here several experts will place different client needs under the microscope.

4:10 pm - 5:20 pm
General Session

5:20 pm - 6:30 pm
Cocktail Reception With Exhibitors

September 27, 2018

7:15 am - 8:00 am
Breakfast With Exhibitors

7:30 am - 8:05 am
The Advisor Of The Future

Join Riskalyze for an engaging session on how the advisor of the future sets better expectations with clients and makes investment decisions through the lens of a risk-first approach.

8:00 am - 8:10 am
Chairperson's Recap

8:10 am - 9:00 am
General Session

An E.P.I.C. Retirement
In The E.P.I.C. Retirement, Mitch moves the Retirement conversation to the next level by challenging advisors to step up, broaden their capacity as a Retirement Coach. Advisors making the transition to retirement coaching must understand the characteristics of an E.P.I.C. retirement:

  1. 1. Engagement: If you don’t use your body or your brain, you lose them.
  2. 2. Purpose: Money can fund purpose, but it cannot create purpose.
  3. 3. Integration: There needs to be a balance between vacation and vocation.
  4. 4. Challenge: Physical, intellectual, and spiritual challenges are the hallmarks of those who continue to thrive as they age.

Mitch Anthony, Advisor Insights

9:05 am - 9:55 am
• Session A
Annuities And Insurance For Fiduciaries
Until recently, the list of choices for RIAs and other fiduciaries has been severely restricted, prompting many to refer the business to others. In the last few years, however, a host of new product introductions has changed the playing field. Hear experts explain how a new generation of annuities and insurance policies is opening up the market for fiduciary firms to become directly involved in areas like income guarantees and asset protection.

David Lau, DPL

• Session B
Identifying And Fixing A Broken Retirement Withdrawal Plan
It’s unrealistic to believe that every retiree’s withdrawal plan never deviates off course. In this session, several experts explain how they spot problems before they spiral past the point of no return and how they execute mid-course corrections.

9:55 am - 10:25 am
Morning Coffee Break In Exhibit Hall

10:30 am - 11:20 am
• Session A
Income-Generating Investments
The past nine years of financial repression have left retirees challenged for income. Today, when interest rates are finally rising to reasonable , loss of principal is emerging as a new risk many clients forgot existed. Learn about the best ways clients can earn sufficient income without taking excessive risks.

• Session B
Health Care Planning For Retirees
Out-of-pocket expenses for health care remain the biggest fear of many retirees. Smart planning can keep a lid on these costs and prevent them from consuming clients’ life savings. Experts will discuss the best strategies to achieve these objectives.

11:25 am - 12:15 pm
• Session A
Social Security Choices
Conventional wisdom holds that waiting as long as possible to take Social Security is the best strategy. While it is sometimes accurate, it’s not always the wisest option. This session addresses various scenarios that may defy mainstream thinking.

• Session B
Spending In Retirement
Clients of advisors are a select group. Many typically have spent most of their working life as responsible savers. Research has shown a surprising number of retirees are afraid to spend as much as they can. Several advisors will explain how they help clients find a more enjoyable retirement.

12:20 pm - 1:35 pm
Keynote Luncheon Address

What The Future Of Retirement Will Look Like
Ric Edelman, Edelman Financial Services

1:35 pm -2:00 pm
Dessert Break In Exhibit Hall

2:00 pm - 2:50 pm
General Session

2:50 pm
Conference Ends