The Era Of The High-Performance Financial Planner

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Join us for this Special Session,The Era of the High-Performance Financial Planner, between our two May Conferences: Invest in Women and Inside Retirement on May 10th at 3:40 PM.

Who better than Bill Bachrach, creator of the Values-Based Financial Planning business model and trainer / coach to many of the top advisors in the FSI to help you grow your business and elevate your client value?

Attend this session:

• If you have never charged an up-front fee for planning, but would like to start.
• If you charge an up-front fee for planning, but want those fees to be bigger.
• If you have ever been frustrated with clients who procrastinate or don’t implement all of the advice from your planning process.
• If you would like prospects and clients to say, “let’s get started now” instead of “we’d like to think it over.”
• If you would like to be more effective at acquiring new clients who pay a fee that aligns with the true value of your planning from the beginning of the relationship.
• If you would like to learn how to convert existing clients to full-service, fee-paying financial planning clients.
• If you would like to have a repeatable process that inspires clients to consolidate all of their money and financial services business with one advisor: YOU!

Advisors who are no smarter or more technically qualified than you collect significant up-front fees for planning and inspire their clients to consolidate ALL of their FS business with them. If they can do it. You can do it!

Bill Bachrach’s thinking, writing, speaking, and training have made him one of the most popular resources in the world for successful financial advisors who seek to be at the top of our profession in terms of client service, business success, and personal quality of life. He writes a popular column in FA Mag, his books are well-known industry best-sellers, and he is a popular keynote speaker for company and industry conferences around the world.
His latest project, the Advisor Roadmap™ virtual training platform, makes everything you need to know about client acquisition, client service, leadership, and time management extraordinarily accessible and affordable for any advisor committed to creating their ideal life by building an ideal business with ideal clients.