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Today the opportunities for wealth planning professionals who are focusing on ultra-wealthy clients (net worth = $30 million or more) are tremendous. The ultra-wealthy have incredible untapped demand for tax planning, asset protection planning, and related legal services as well as financial products from life insurance to tax-efficient investment management. 

There are a number of obstacles holding many wealth planning professionals from significantly bringing in more business and meaningfully increasing their incomes. In order to be successful, being able to deliver high-quality wealth planning expertise is part of the answer. However, to a large extent, many wealth planning services are becoming commoditized. To truly excel, business development is essential. 

In this two-day workshop you will discover actionable ways to generate more wealth planning business from the ultra-wealthy. You will learn how to more effectively leverage existing client relationships and systematically create a steady stream of new ultra-wealthy clients.

Directed by Russ Prince and Richard J. Flynn
Materials Provided
  • The High-Functioning Single-Family Office: A Primer for Family Members and Senior Management by Russ Alan Prince and Richard J. Flynn
  • Elite Wealth Planning: Lessons from the Super Rich by Russ Alan Prince, Richard J. Flynn, and John J. Bowen Jr.
  • Become the Expert the Wealthy Want: How to Acquire New Affluent Clients with Thought Leadership by Russ Alan Prince and John J. Bowen Jr.
  • Becoming Seriously Wealthy: How to Harness the Strategies of the Super Rich and Ultra-Wealthy Business Owners by Russ Alan Prince and John J. Bowen Jr.