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V-Shaped Recovery...Well, Maybe

The economy is getting ready to roar. In fact, the roar could blast your eardrums-at least according to two obscure economic indicators.

Wealthy Clients Face New Taxes From Health-Care Overhaul

Wealthy taxpayers can count on helping to pay for the health-care overhaul, no matter which version of the legislation Congress adopts in the end.

Regulators Looking At Broker Pay, Product Sales

Securities regulators are on the lookout for conflicts of interest that may arise from the large recruiting packages some broker-dealers offer the financial advisors they're wooing.

OppenheimerFunds Settles 529 Plan Suit For $20 Million


OppenheimerFunds Inc. has reached a $20 million settlement on a lawsuit over heavy losses in Oregon's 529 college savings plan.

Twitter Yields Intelligence For Advisors

Twitter may not be great for drumming up new business, but some financial advisors are using it to glean intelligence from other advisors.

US Fixed Annuity Sales Slump In Third Quarter

As the stock market shows signs of recovery and fears of increasedinflation mount, older investors and retirees who turned to fixedannuities are looking elsewhere.

Roths As Tools For Wealth Transfer

Converting a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA makes sense for many older people who want to create a tax-free legacy for heirs. 

Many Women Risk Retirement To Fund College

Many parents set their own retirement security aside tofund their children's college education, and mothers are more pronethan fathers to steer a family down this risky path.

Wealth Firm Aggregator Gets $50M Cash Infusion

Focus Financial Partners hasreceived an additional infusion of $50 million in capital and stretchedits line of credit with a consortium of seven banks by another $30million.

Investors Lured Into 'Green' Ponzi Scheme


More than 300 investors nationwide were lured into a $30 million Ponzi scheme that focused on "green" investments, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission.