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Expert Views

A Model Portfolio

A prominent advisory firm shares its model diversified portfolio, suitable for a client in retirement.

Managing Social Security Benefits

by Mitchell Kauffman

A financial advisor suggests six areas to consider when helping clients decide when to take Social Security benefits. 

Tech Conference Planned

Two well-known practice management and technology experts and Financial Advisor magazine will present the fifth annual T3: Technology Tools for Today conference in February.

Bridging The Chasm To Independence

by Edward K. Riley

Why affiliating with a broker-dealer makes sense for some advisors who want to go independent.

Buffett On Bonuses

Warren Buffett has been criticizing the huge rewards for the financial industry.

80 Years Ago Today

Many are comparing the Great Depression to now. Here are a few facts.

Firm Monitors Insurance Records, Tracks Heirs


Billions of dollars in unclaimed death benefits go unclaimed each year. The founders of this firm feel they have come up with a way to prevent such situations.

Asset Allocation Is Dead

by Craig Hemke

A financial services industry veteran predicts the dollar's days as a reserve currency are coming to an end, and as a result, traditional asset allocation won't deliver historic returns.

Women Eye Health Care As Key Retirement Issue

by Karen M. Schultz

Working effectively with the nation's nearly 80 million baby boomers, whether retired or contemplating retirement, was a major focus of the Raymond James 15th Annual Women's Symposium, sponsored by...

Why Roth Conversions Make Sense

by Dan Deighan

One advisor's take on the benefits of a Roth IRA conversion.