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Investment Perspectives

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Senior Loans Are Good For Your 'Core'

by Joseph Welsh

Senior loans typically have low interest rate sensitivity and historically have delivered solid performance across various interest rate environments.

Yellen And Putin: New Odd Couple Driving The Markets


In the view of Calamos' Gary Black, there's a simple matrix for predicting the performance of the stock market.

The Opportunity In High Yield

by ,

The asset class has begun to recoup ground and its fundamentals overall are still strong, say these managers.

Pause, Refresh And Reinforce

by Gene Peroni

In the wake of a sell-off inspired by conflict in Russia and Israel, technical analysis indicates the worst of the near-term downside may be behind us, says market strategist Gene Peroni Jr.

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

by Kenneth A. Kim

Many public companies base their capital expenditures on whatever investors happen to desire at the time—such as paying dividends.

Truth And Consequences

by Gary Stroik

Investors who are anxious to chase rising indexes by adding more risk to their portfolios need to understand the potential consequences of such a move, says Gary E...

The U.S. GDP Number Doesn’t Lie

by Dawn Bennett

Housing starts, personal consumption expenditure and durable good orders show the truth, says portfolio manager Dawn Bennett.

Benefits Of Optimizing Portfolio Capture Ratios


Over the past decade, many investors have discovered that conventional passive growth stock approaches failed to meet their goals.

Why The Middle East Matters: Oil Prices And The U.S. Economy

by Brad McMillan

Rising turmoil in two major oil-producing states, Iraq and Iran, spells trouble, but the U.S. is much better positioned to ride out the storm than it has been in the past.

Quality In A Changing World

by Jan van Eck

A money manager asks: Could there be a better way to invest in international and emerging markets than just buying the entire broad market?

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