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Investment Perspectives

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How Local?

by Gerardo Rodriguez and Sergio Trigo Paz

Although emerging markets local debt has corrected sharply, these two managers see encouraging and important signs for investors seeking strategic exposures to the secular EM growth story.

Convincing Illusions And Invisible Realities

by Gary Stroik

Using performance information without understanding where it came from, or what may have contributed to it, can be dangerous, says the CIO of WBI Funds.

The World Is Flat: A Case For Global Investment Mandates

by Stephen Docherty

The benefits of “going global” extend far beyond simply enhancing the return potential for investors.

Beware Of Firms With Growing Assets

by Kenneth A. Kim

One of the hottest findings in the recent academic finance literature is known as the “asset growth anomaly” -- firms whose total assets grow from one year to the next year subsequently...

Pockets Of Opportunity In Europe, Emerging Markets

by Lisa Meyers

European equities still look inviting, but the recent pullback in emerging markets makes them inviting as Europe turns the corner and its recovery matures.

Has China Reached Its Bear Stearns Moment?

by Dawn Bennett

China's economy appears to be crashing, raising the question of whether it has reached its Bear Stearns moment, says Dawn Bennett of Bennett Group Financial Services.

Alpha In Alts: Using Liquid Private Equity To Enhance Alternative Investment Performance

by Adam Goldman

Advisors are looking for additional strategies to capture more upside for alternative investments, and listed private equity could be one tool to improve their portfolios, says this manager.

Reports Of Emerging Markets' Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

by Timothy Atwill

The negative sentiments about emerging market investments are flawed.

Beyond Bernanke: Hedge Against The Great Fed Unwinding


Quantitative easing may prove to be problematic for long-term interest rates, posing serious issues for many investors. But there are ways to guard your portfolio against interest rate risk.

Is An Avalanche Waiting To Hit The U.S. Stock Market? (The Slippery Slope Of Stupidity)


The U.S. economy as we know it is headed for a huge correction. Financial and economic implosion is always a slow and stealthy process that grows over time behind the scenes.

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