Investment Perspectives

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Why We Believe We Are Not in a High Yield Credit Bubble: The Case for High Yield

With yields near all-time lows, and bond issuance near an all-time high, is the U.S...

This Is What Bull Markets Are All About

Investors have the impression that bull markets are the days of wine and roses. 

Owner-Operators - A Demonstration of Valuation Analysis in Response to Perceived Risk

In contradistinction to the typical company, many owner-operator companies-those whose manager is also the primary owner and for whom that capital represents a major or the greater portion of their...

Hedge Funds Turn Bearish On Previous Quarter's Most Overweight Sector

Representing a steep reversal from the previous quarter, established hedge fund managers distance themselves from financial sector investments in the second quarter...

The Bond Market Panic

Given the elevated level of the bond market, "the bond market panic" may sound like a preposterous term, but it is appropriate since there is a manifest absence of yield.

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