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November 2019    

Leveraging Technology to Secure Family Relationships

Advisors can miss a crucial piece of growing their business—building relationships with the next gen of investors.


The Value of Cash Flow Planning Across all Life Stages

Learn how your clients can better determine where their money went and where it will go to help fund their life goals with cash flow planning.


Understanding Model Marketplaces & Managed Account Platforms
17 Questions to Ask When Considering a Platform

Are you a wealth management firm considering outsourcing your investment operations functions to a managed account or Unified Managed Account (UMA) platform? Or are you an asset manager who is considering publishing your model(s) to a Managed Account Platform or Model Marketplace and wondering what sort of experience to expect once the ink has dried? In any case, the key considerations in this document are a must-read.

BEYOND THE CLIENT PORTAL: Redefining the Client Experience
Finding New Ways for Advisors to Compete in an Increasingly Digital World

Learn how to craft a client experience that goes beyond the client portal—and why that matters in today’s crowded and competitive financial industry landscape.


Baby Boomer Advisors Can Surf the Succession Tsunami

Whether you or your clients are beginning to think about the succession process, or are years into it, this whitepaper provides a few crucial factors to remember so you don’t get overwhelmed.You will learn about the steps you need to have in place to maximize revenue, profitability and overall appeal to a potential buyer as well as finding the right tools to zero in on those with the highest compatibility.