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How Much Leverage Is Optimal?


The author of a paper that looks at how to determine optimal leverage in an investment portfolio is the 2010 first-place winner of a $10,000 award for advancements in active management.

Untarnished Firm To Raise Private-Client Profile

Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. wants to make a bigger name for itself in the wealth management business.

Private Family Offices Brace for Regulation

Some ultra-rich families worry that proposed financial reforms could oblige them to close their single-family offices due to high compliance costs and diminished privacy.

Estate Tax Audits Tough As Ever

Estate tax audits by the Internal Revenue Service are as aggressive as ever, and maybe even more so, despite the uncertain fate of the federal tax on estates of the wealthy.

Some Wealthy Say: Go Ahead, Tax Me More

One group of billionaires and millionaires is pushing for an end to Bush-era tax cuts.

Wealth Advisors Tell Clients To Brace For Long Recovery


Advisors to ultra-wealthy families are preparing their clients for a protracted climb out of the nastiest, and possibly the longest, economic downturn since the 1930s.

Keeping Family In A Multi-Family Firm

Pitcairn is a multi-family office that prides itself on putting hurdles in the career paths of family members who want in to the company.

The GRAT Rush Of 2010

There is a window of opportunity to tap into the huge gift-tax savings now associated with a GRAT before Congress clamps down on the rules.

Estate Tax Repeal Stirs Lawsuit Fears

The disappearance of the estate tax this year has moved tax attorneys to protect themselves against the threat of possible lawsuits.

Health Overhaul Means Big Change For Small Cos

The health-care overhaul President Barack Obama has signed into law will mean big changes for many small businesses.

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