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A Velvet Niche


National Retirement Partners, a network of retirement-focused advisors, has raised its game and clinched its own broker-dealer.


Capital Analysts Relocating To Cincinnati Capital Analysts Inc...


Deal Activity Picks Up Financial advisory firmsZ seeking the best price for their practice might want to look outward rather than inward...

Now What?

by Richard B. Wagner

With FPA's win in its lawsuit against the SEC, financial advisors need to reflect on what that means for the profession.

The Big Picture

by Tracey Longo

Clearing firms stake their future on helping advisors' businesses grow.

Much-Needed Makeover

by Joel Bruckenstein

Profiles Professional Version 8.0 gets a new look.

One For The Ages


Always an entrepreneur, 90-year-old Joe Leonard reflects on almost 50 years in financial services.

Preserving Clients' Life Stories

by Mary Rowland

Financial advisors are in a unique position to help clients preserve their legacies as human beings, as well as their money.

Space Odyssey

by David Lawrence

Eliminating aisles full of files may seem difficult, but you'll benefit greatly from using office space efficiently.

Stating A Preference

by Andrew Gluck

The Nobel Prize winning creator of the Capital Asset Pricing Model takes another look at his work.