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From Compliance Officer To CEO: Using The Seat To Understand The Business With Heather Fortner (Ep. 19)

About the Episode:

From Compliance Officer To CEO: Using The Seat To Understand The Business With Heather Fortner (Ep. 19)


Career paths can often be complex, winding roads with spontaneous decisions leading us into the uncertain future. For Heather Fortner, the decision to become a Chief Compliance Officer has brought her a successful, yet unique path to the top of the corporate ladder.


In this episode, Heather Fortner discusses her rise through the ranks of SignatureFD, and how she uses her background and her journey from the bottom to provide a special perspective on risk management, client relationships, and how that allows her to connect various dots across the organization.


Heather discusses:
• Her decision to take on the Chief Compliance Officer role.

• Problem-solving to create solutions rather than just saying “No”.

• Integrating compliance into the foundation of a company’s operations.

• Aligning job roles with your personality traits and preferences.

About Our Guest(s):

As CEO and Chair for SignatureFD, a wealth management firm based in Atlanta, Heather Fortner integrates operational excellence with strategic innovation, shepherding growth and scale in teams and organizations. During her twenty-year tenure with SignatureFD, Heather created and executed strategies that have grown SignatureFD’s AUM from $250M to over $6B.


About Our Host:
Melissa Carter trains entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate execs, and home-based professionals to reach their fullest potential. Melissa has appeared on radio, television, podcasts, and in print throughout the nation, and has served as a speaker for many corporate and charitable events to discuss the benefits of using media as part of their business strategy. 


As a member of morning radio shows for nearly 20 years, Melissa could be heard on 99X, Q100, and B98.5 in Atlanta. She also served as a Co-Host on Westwood One’s “Radio with a Twist." For these media efforts, Melissa was awarded the Atlanta Dream/SunTrust Inspiring Woman Award, the HRC Community Leadership Award, and the CHRIS Kids Kyle Anderson Service to Youth Award.

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